• Adult and Adolescent Psychotherapy
• Individual Counseling

• Anxiety (worries, fears, avoidance, anxiety/panic attacks)

• Separation and Divorce Recovery (grief associated with loss of a relationship and healing/rebuilding self)

• Relationship Issues (difficulty identifying and expressing emotions, communication and intimacy issues)

• Family of Origin Issues (past childhood trauma/dysfunctional family patterns, current relationship issues impacted by unresolved past)

• Women’s Issues (difficulty with self-love/self-acceptance, can’t be alone, general feeling of “unhappiness”)

• Codependency (trouble identifying and setting boundaries, not connected to self, difficulty identifying and meeting own needs)

• Low Self-Esteem (self-critical, “not-enough” feelings, feel “faulty inside”)

• Perfectionism (trapped by unhealthy thoughts, emotions and behavior)

• Adolescent Issues (social anxiety, difficulty communicating with parents, teachers and friends)

CLIENT FOCUS:  Adults, Adolescents; ages 15-75

Note: I do not provide couples therapy, or provide therapy for substance abuse or eating disorders. If you would like a referral, please call the office.

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